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The AGX Group’s delivery services of medical products are prioritised for Benelux countries and border regions of France and Germany.

Collections or deliveries of medical packages outside of this geographical area can also be made on demand, as part of general delivery services or urgent services.

Associated services

Night service

Delivery of grouped medical packages at reduced costs to hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. The delivery is always made before 6 in the morning.

Daytime service

Delivery of medical packages to all areas of hospitals, e.g.: operating theatres, sterilised zones, stomatology departments, dentist areas, medical shops, pharmacies, cargo areas, etc.

The drivers make the deliveries themselves (= In Room Service).


Operational material to be used by hospitals for different services, as well as non-used materials, are recovered by the drivers. They check the conditions of the products before delivering to other clients.

Service Express

This comprises of the transport of medical products at the client’s request. Collection is made within 30 minutes and delivered immediately to the corresponding hospital sections with “In Room Service”.